“Dear Green Place” – Beautiful Glasgow

Bonnie Wee Glasgow

The home to some of the most famous stadiums in the world, Glasgow was high on my to do list in Scotland.

Luckily, I managed to find myself and stay with my own tour guide, my trek America buddy, Lauren.

I won’t bore you all with the details of the train journey from Stirling to Glasgow, but it was happier and friendlier than English trains. Perhaps the multidle of alcohol on a Saturday afternoon had something to do with it.

Overnight bag dropped off, it was time to explore Glasgow.

Glasgow is a city full of arts and museums, many of which are free.

After exploring “Style Mile”, the first stop was the Clockwork Orange. A simple circular subway system. Take note London (admittedly it’s probably not possible there). This led us to the West End of Glasgow and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

There is lots to explore but we had come to see one thing, “The Floating Heads”. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for these, but let’s just say they’re a load of heads with varing expressions hanging from the ceiling. Certainly not something you see every day. That alone was worth the visit.

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I’m glad my tour guide was with me because I would have missed out on the amazing Tantrum Doughnuts. Seriously, don’t miss this if you ever come to Glasgow. It’s a mini shop dedicated to an array of different doughnuts. I got myself two, because why the hell not. It’s extremely popular so make sure you come in plenty of time as when the days stock has gone, it’s closing time.

Beautiful Architectural Glasgow

Not far from the Kelvingrove Museum is Glasgow University, the fourth oldest in the United Kingdom. The building is stunning, and has beautiful views over looking the city. Once again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. It’s no wonder the University is so popular, with a Hogswart-esque architecture. We managed to go during the day and night, which offer two differing vantages. A must do if you have time. The building is made up of a number of rooms, some which you can enter and some which aren’t open to the public. One of the best parts within the University are the cloisters. We had to wait for some overly keen tourists to move before we could get the photos we wanted, and to marvel at the architecture.

After exploring the University, and a few strange sculptures around the grounds, a stones throw away is Ashton Lane. A cobbled street, it comprising mainly of bars and restaurants. There is also a cinema, where you can take in alcohol from the adjacent bar! We managed to go in the late afternoon on a Saturday, which helped soak up the atmosphere. We stayed for a good few hours, consuming a few pints and dining at the Wee Curry Shop. Great name and great food.

We had aimed to get the trusty Clockwork Orange back into the centre of town but there was an incident, so managed a twenty five minutes walk instead. George Square was on the way, so we stopped at had a look at night. It was right, next to the train station so I’d seen it by day.

Our final stop of the night was to the Ceilidh. A traditional Scottish dance, already know to me through my sister and brother in law’s wedding, this time I was slightly sober to enjoy it. We’d had a few drinks but we were definitely not joining in. If you ever get the chance to go, definitely join in. It doesn’t get more Scottish.

In the morning we headed back in town. No trip to Glasgow is complete without a trip to the ground of the best team in the country, Celtic. Sorry to any Rangers fans, but the table doesn’t lie. The stadium itself wasn’t as big as I’d imagined, however it was still impressive nonetheless. Though we didn’t have time to go on a tour (I had to get to Dundee), I still managed to see the famed walkway and the famous stadium from the outside.

Glasgow is a beautiful city, and as the old cliché goes, there is some much to do for everyone.

A special thanks must go to my wonderful local tour guide. Who needs tour buses!


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